Cooler para gabinete o fuente Spire Coolers Fan Blower 12Cmts


U$S 6.10

Product Specification
Connectors 3Pin + 4pin big
Noise Level 21 dBA
Air Flow 65.78 cfm
Application Power supply fan,second case fan or other purpose
Package Includes 4Pcs Metal Screw
N.W. Weight 129g
G.W. Weight 150g
Fan Speed 1500 RPM +/-10%
Power 2.4W
Rated Current 0.2A

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CPU Fan Cooler Termaltake - DuORB CL-G0102


- ScurveTM fan blade design and 6-LED lights.
- Dual-pipe and heatsink design, bring you the whole new visual experience.
- Dual 80mm ultimate silent fan. Maximum cooling efficiency for quietness.



Detail Features:
2 Heatpipe
Dual Fan Design
Mirror Coating Base
Memory Heatsink
Application View
Blue LED Li
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