Fan De 4x4 Cm Ventilador Ideal P Refrigeracion T.videos Pc


U$S 4.88

Case/Power Supply Fan
40 mm, 4-Pin, Sleeve Bearing

4-pin pass-through power connector
Sleeve bearing
Special Features
4.8 CFM (5,000 /- 10% RPM)
28 dBA
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 10 mm


CPU Fan Cooler Termaltake - DuORB CL-G0102


- ScurveTM fan blade design and 6-LED lights.
- Dual-pipe and heatsink design, bring you the whole new visual experience.
- Dual 80mm ultimate silent fan. Maximum cooling efficiency for quietness.



Detail Features:
2 Heatpipe
Dual Fan Design
Mirror Coating Base
Memory Heatsink
Application View
Blue LED Li
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